Who we are

Mrsool’s specialized expert team delivers the highest quality of services, providing advanced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions aligned with local and international best practice standards.


We help UAE SMEs & Startups build their offshore front liners teams in as quick as 40 days.


Our services are diverse and well structured; we offer outsourcing call center solutions to clients across various sectors, including Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, and Industrial.


With Mrsool, you can focus on your core competencies while we care for your customer support needs. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your customer support.

Revolutionize customer support through exceptional outsourcing solutions, setting the industry standard for seamless communication, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
Help businesses improve their customer experience while optimizing operational costs.

Khamis Alsheryani


Emirati entrepreneur and driven and strategic Senior Project Manager with the ability to initiate improvement strategies and processes to maintain effective and efficient workflows.

Ehab Darwish

Managing Director

Customer experience Consultant helped over 300+ startups with their customer experience strategies. He leads the building of Vodafone Alexandria's largest English-speaking call center.

Founder Message

In Mrsool, we have grown, improved, created a great team, innovative ideas, and support for our clients, and put our employees at the highest focus. We will continue to work with our clients and partners not only to improve the quality of our service or add value to our clients but also to ensure our services grow and contribute to the overall growth of the economy of the United Arab Emirates.


We have brought together a dedicated team of people who take great pride in what they do to ensure your customers are always satisfied.


Khamis Alsheryani