Serving with Pride & Excellence

Rafeeg App

Played a vital role in the establishment of a highly proficient multilingual operation support team for the Rafeeg Mobile App. With a focus on delivering superior customer and technician support, efficient order management, and diligent after-service follow-ups, we ensured uninterrupted service availability 24/7.


Implemented comprehensive consultation and training initiatives for frontliners and team leads of OLX/Dubi, the esteemed parent brand of Dubizzle. Through these programs, we introduced cutting-edge customer experience concepts and harmonized the support process, leading to a notable enhancement in overall customer satisfaction levels.

Super Online Academy

Facilitated the establishment of a comprehensive support team for Super Online Academy, encompassing over 100,000 students, and ensured the team was equipped to handle a substantial workload, averaging 70 contacts per agent daily.

Rush Brush

Delivered exceptional consultation and training services to elevate the Rush Brush customer service standards of a renowned international brand catering to diverse Arab countries via its extensive contact center network.


We enhanced Magrabi’s customer experience, optimized its operational efficiency, and ultimately drove its business growth. It was a rewarding journey, and we are honored to have played a pivotal role in Magrabi Company’s call center success story.


we took great pride in assisting Eventum in transforming its customer support operations. Understanding their unique requirements and objectives, we worked closely with their team to design and implement a comprehensive call center solution tailored to their specific needs.